humanrights- by Jon Farmer

2020 has been a polarizing year in many ways. As conflicts simmered or ignited in our communities and in communities around the world, parties on many sides of many disagreements invoked their ‘rights’. December 10th is International Human Rights Day and today it is as important as ever to consider what rights we hold to be universal and how many have still not been realized.

The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

floodThe Ontario government will today bring forward amendments to its proposed legislation that attacks Conservation Authorities, which will allow the provincial government to order dangerous development projects to proceed against the science-based decisions of Conservation Authorities in a manner that threatens public safety and environmental values ...

dynamic disability logoBy Kelly Babcock
If I asked you how to define violence, you might say that it needs one person to physically attack another. There is no denying that would be violence but I have two problems with that definition...

dunetreeProfessional Geoscientist Peter Zuzek and Dr. Mary-Louise Byrne, Professor and Chair of the Geography and Environment Studies Department at Wilfrid Laurier University, have prepared an "Independent Review of the Sauble Beach Dune Retaining Wall".  Their credentials, recommendations, and assesment of the potential negative impacts of the project are published here, along with a link to the full report. ...

elsiescars- by Kris Heathers

Like many restaurants still open during the COVID-19 pandemic, deliveries are now a primary revenue source at Elsie’s Diner. Unfortunately, relying on third-party companies to get our food orders into customers' hands comes with a big hit on the bottom line. Uber Eats, Door Dash and SKIP the Dishes are ...


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