codydeed- by Cody Hawes

A lot of people find it easy to disconnect themselves from the actions of their settler ancestors and the role played in colonization. Most of my ancestors arrived on this land between 130 and 200 years ago. Those of us who have had family here for so long feel a connection to "Canada and being Canadian". We are still settlers. When I did my own DNA testing, my results came back as ...

ryersonnonsign2- by L. Jillian

Walking down to the vigil for our Muslim community this evening, I passed by the old Ryerson Park sign that was recently taken down by the city after the discovery of 215 Indigenous child graves were discovered at a residential school in B.C. The reason for the removal of the sign, I can't help but notice,

marymiller- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor and Aly Boltman

“The 20th century brought more recognition and opportunity for women in Owen Sound…One of the best examples of a woman having a career and participating in all aspects of life was Mary Miller…

pencil connecting the dots 1141430By Joachim Ostertag
We all know someone who has experienced sexual violence. It could be a sister, a brother, our partner, our mother or father, our child or it could be our own experience. When we understand what sexual violence is and begin to talk about it, we start to see it everywhere. Once we see it, we can change it.


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