insectcollection- by Douglas Nadler

“O ruin’d piece of nature, this great world
Shall so wear out to naught.”    – William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of King Lear

When in 1951 Rachel Carson published her extraordinarily popular book The Sea Around Us ...

firedanger– by David McLeish

I grew up in northern Canada. Back then things called fire breaks were used to protect communities from wildfires.

A road or a ring of cleared vegetation was used to reduce the spread of wildfire ...

roosterandhen– by Miranda Miller

Last week, a man walking his dog off-leash lost control of his pet, which killed several laying hens at a friend's farm. He and the dog trespassed 100 metres onto the farm property and damaged the electric fence in the process.

When confronted, the man tossed $20 at the person present and left the scene with his dog ...

watergarbage- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Coming off the clear calm water at the east side boat launch this morning, we found the dry land strewn with a gull family's breakfast.

This smorgasbord of garbage – from Macdonalds, Wendys, KFC, Tim Hortons, some home-made lunches and a diaper – was not litter.

saveourpublichospitals- by David McLaren

Doug Ford has learned an old trick from his buddy Mike Harris: how to drive a dump truck through our public system. Remember John ‘Create-a-Crisis’ Snobelen? He wanted to privatize as much as he could of the public education system. His modus operandi was first to bankrupt the system we had.

Mr Ford is starving the public health care sector by holding nurses’ wage increases to 1%. That was struck down by the courts ...


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