owensoundtaxhouses2- by Jim Hutton

The Solution

To Ease the Pressure on Families ...

owensoundtaxhouses1- by Jim Hutton

The Problem

There is no question we are facing a crisis in housing and homelessness throughout Ontario. Housing affordability is a reality facing many families. Some are forced to rent inadequate accommodations that just don’t meet their family needs while those dreaming of home ownership are just priced out of the market. Canadian Urban Institute’s report released in 2019 cited

budgetPremier Doug Ford's government tabled the Ontario 2023 budget yesterday. You've probably come across a few headlines about it and possibly heard the talking points that accompanied the budget.

But you haven't yet heard about its intergenerational implications.  Check out our seven intergenerational takeaways about the Ontario budget ....

legatesbare- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

From a knowledgeable friend of the Hub:

"For many years I have walked by the Legate Furniture Co. building ...

chambercouncil- by Jim Hutton

There is no doubt that we are headed for difficult economic times. The rising costs of essentials, like groceries and fuel, mean that people will have less money to support Grey-Bruce businesses.

However you have a unique opportunity to reduce the impact on local businesses by raising the issue of high property taxes, that are strangling the local economy, when you attend the Meet City Council event on Thursday, Mar. 23 ... 


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