womenspowerpinWomen leading the three largest labour organizations in Canada is not an accident.

Celebrating this leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress, the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council is only one consideration.

The painful reality is that women need to lead as it is women in healthcare, education, and in frontline work in general that have suffered the greatest burden of right wing / Conservative attacks on workers ...

Screen Shot 2023 03 04 at 7.53.37 AM- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Some of you tell us you have cut ties with the uber-Lord Mark Zuckerberg, controlling shareholder of Facebook.

But I know that the majority of you are still, like me, under the sway of Mr. Z's addictive algorithm. I know that because Google's digital spying data (Analytics) tell me most of you still come to any given article on OwenSoundHub.org by first clicking on a Facebook link ...

hospitalward- by David McLaren

$196.1 billion over ten years, including $46.2 billion in new funding is a lot of money but it’s not enough to revamp our health care system to meet the growing challenges of an aging population, recurrent pandemics, poverty and homelessness.

Sns Hub 1- by Michelle Solaro

None of us are home, until all of us are home.- Project Home

Homelessness, precarious housing and rough sleeping are topics we hear so much about. The causes are complex, the solutions are contentious. So where do we, as a community and as individuals, start or continue to show some of our most resilient and vulnerable neighbours ....

fedoraHUB- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

For my 60th birthday I threw myself a birthday party up at Elsie's Diner (which is always celebrating the decade in which I was born). I invited guests to put their spare change into a jar, promising only that I would “do something good with it”.

That money was part of the purchase of OwenSoundHub.org eight years ago ...


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