girlinshadow - by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

(Note: Some words and concepts may offend or trigger)

On International Women's Day, I was thinking about those women who, as children and teenagers, were used for the sexual purpose of an adult and over time found the courage to come forward and identify the men who exploited them ...

flagsos- by David Clark

Vexillologists agree that Owen Sound’s flag is “bad”. Okay, no vexillogist singled out Owen Sound by name but they have declared most cities have very bad flags and Owen Sound’s fails on all Five Principles of Flag Design.

First here are a few (opinionated) concerns about Owen Sound’s current flag ...

womenspowerpinWomen leading the three largest labour organizations in Canada is not an accident.

Celebrating this leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress, the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council is only one consideration.

The painful reality is that women need to lead as it is women in healthcare, education, and in frontline work in general that have suffered the greatest burden of right wing / Conservative attacks on workers ...

Screen Shot 2023 03 04 at 7.53.37 AM- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Some of you tell us you have cut ties with the uber-Lord Mark Zuckerberg, controlling shareholder of Facebook.

But I know that the majority of you are still, like me, under the sway of Mr. Z's addictive algorithm. I know that because Google's digital spying data (Analytics) tell me most of you still come to any given article on OwenSoundHub.org by first clicking on a Facebook link ...

hospitalward- by David McLaren

$196.1 billion over ten years, including $46.2 billion in new funding is a lot of money but it’s not enough to revamp our health care system to meet the growing challenges of an aging population, recurrent pandemics, poverty and homelessness.


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