ON Election 2022


myvote2 - by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

It's rare that I have much in common with a one-issue candidate, but I found myself nodding in agreement at what Joel Loughead had to say at a recent all candidates' meeting.

Mr. Loughead is running as None of the Above because he believes that we need a Proportional Representation System because our First-Past-the-Post, Winner-Take-All political system does not serve us well. I agree.

fordnewsconference  - by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Why did Doug Ford not trust the solid, conservative membership of the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound (BGOS) PC riding association to pick their own candidate for this riding? These people had chosen Bill Murdoch and Bill Walker, after all.

Perhaps that was exactly why. ...

linedownhallwayIf you’re working for a living, you should be making a living wage.

If you’re not making a living wage (at least $20 an hour) you can’t afford to buy healthy food, let alone an electric vehicle. You can’t afford a decent place to rent, let alone a good house with solar panels on the roof. You can’t afford to get sick, let alone the medications a doctor may prescribe for you.

noplaceforhateBruce-Grey-Owen Sound candidates for the June 2 provincial election responded to our enquiry about concerns of local residents on seeing a confederate flag on a Grey County residential property. We have shared their responses here in the order in which they were received. Mr. Byers of the Progressive Conservative Party did not respond.

calculatorandmoney- by Michael Craig

I grew up poor in a single-parent home with my mother and a younger brother. That probably explains why I’m so frustrated and angry about poverty, and asking voters to make this issue a priority, along with climate change, as you vote on June 2.

Let me tell you what “poor” meant to me as I grew up in Niagara Falls in the 50s - which, shockingly, is not much different from what tens of thousands of children experience in 2022.


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