RuthGorbet- by Trudy Moyse

This is a sad day, as today I remember an incredible lady that was truly the heart of our small city. I’d always been aware of Ruth Gorbet as a strong and stylish downtown business owner, but in 1986 she became so much more to me. My brother Bob ( a realtor at the time) secured the Roxy for Owen Sound Little Theatre,  and the fund-raising to pay the mortgage began.

blood donorNew blood donors are needed in the Owen Sound area. 

Winter storms, seasonal commitments and travel plans all impact the national blood inventory levels significantly. To maintain a healthy inventory for patients over the winter...

carnaval 2On Friday, February 14th, Alexandra Community school held their second annual Carnaval. This festival is a school-wide celebration of French music, culture and language.

Alexandra French Teacher, Ricki Mullen, worked with her grade seven and eight students as part of a unit...

pbfalcon- by Shea Angus

2019 was a particularly great year for film. More and more as time goes on we are finding lower budget indie films cutting through the noise and making a splash into the mainstream. While films like the now Oscar-winning Parasite take a serious look at ...




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