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This is an actual, current ad for a room for rent in Owen Sound (including the photo)

Furnished Room
$800 · The utilise [sic] is an additional $50, for internet , hydro and water. 6 month to 1 year lease minimum.

toast- by Kate Walsh

A long time ago I was a historian. I was hired to write a walking tour of a cemetery.

My friend told me how much she loves the May 24th long weekend, otherwise known as Victoria Day. Which caused me to reflect on the weekend. I, too, love the promise of summer without having gifts and big meals to prepare. I remembered ...

HanoverburnedShared with permission:

"I just found out about this. Devastating and tragic reminder of the lack of safe,  to-code, affordable shelter in Grey Bruce. Fire was discovered by police at 2:20AM last night, by the time fire department arrived the inside of the building was ...

tanyazaryski- by Dawna Proudman

A quick trip to Grey County today reminded me of how grateful I am that I got to live in that community for 20 years. Tanya Zaryski's show at the Durham Art Gallery is FANTASTIC. The photo doesn't come near to capturing the exquisiteness of her work. Prepare to feel entranced. The show also includes an impressive display of fabric art (inspired by many of my favourite female authors) which made me think of ...



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