bowling alleyBig Brothers Big Sisters of Grey Bruce is happy to announce we are hosting our 41st Annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake event.

Due to the current shutdown, our event will be enjoyed virtually ...

BOS 04 08 2021 doublesize
"Where was your mother when....?" is the refrain that echoes through the Pete Seeger Song My Name is Lisa Kalvelage. The song recounts the haunting reflection of a German woman who ...

fooddriveprincipalsToday wraps up the 3 week long food drive competition between the city’s four public elementary schools (Alexandra, East Ridge, Hillcrest and Keppel Sarawak) with the announcement that the West has won! In the end Hillcrest and Keppel came out with ...

fooddrive- Hub staff

What will Keppel-Sarawak Principal Laurie Gilkinson and Hillcrest Principal Kevin Wilson be wearing to work on Tuesday? Why do we ask?

Because that was the friendly challenge between the East and West principals in the schools' food drive. The staff and students of four local elementary schools contributed over 15,000 pounds of food (an estimated 1/20th of it is shown in these photos!)

jaywavingtocheech- by Ruth Lovell-Stanners

When the Chi Cheemaun leaves the Owen Sound harbour for its annual trip to Tobermory this year it will be missing one of its most enthusiastic passengers. Since 1994 Jay Adamson had rarely missed a spring or fall cruise.

Jay passed away Saturday, March 27th, 2021 in her 98th year at GBHS. Although she lived a long and very good life ...


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