When I am getting up in the dark or in the early dawn light, the cat will complain a little. A small sound.

There are a couple of bathroom errands with the swish of a hairbrush, the soft clink of a bamboo toothbrush on pottery.

As I head toward the kitchen, the whirring of the hepa filter catches my attention. I turn it off.

Silence. A warm, dark silence ...


markdalehospitalribbonAnd the ribbon is cut!

After twenty years of local community work, the beautiful new public hospital in Markdale is official.

swingclouds - by Dennis Thompsett

We always called it Mosquito Park. It's that little park on 5th Avenue by 16th street, beside the Catholic Church parking lot. I suppose it now bears the name of some person who was a legend in their own time. Sadly it is a legend time forgot. So it will always be Mosquito Park to me.

Having said that I don't recall there being that many mosquitos there.

All walkers Owen Sound 2023The Owen Kidney Walk occurred on Saturday, September 9th, at Harrison Park. Together, Walkers raised $6,300 for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Mayor Boddy was on hand to thank walkers and take a photo with our Champion Sponsor, Judy Stobbe, with Owen Sound Ledgerock.

This fall across Ontario, the kidney community is uniting to support their loved ones living with kidney disease at the annual Kidney Walk.

flatroad- by Dennis Thomsett

The 40 Knolls were out the Meaford Highway. Out past Bothwell's Creek, past that road to Annan on the left, by the little schoolhouse and right up to the top of that hill. It was the first country road to the right, up by the big Department of Highways  igloos. That was The 40 Knolls.


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