christmaslights- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Okay, Councillor Carol Merton is not suggesting you go all Clark Griswald or anything, but as we settle in for the duration of this Isolation Vacation, the good Councillor had this suggestion today. "What about lighting up the neighbourhoods? Putting the outside lights on again, whether they be. . .

express- from the front lines

There are tape lines on the floor at the front end of Zehrs marking where to stand as you wait your turn at the checkout. Please be mindful of them and do not approach the conveyer belt until the previous customer's transaction is finished.

We've been instructed to only pack if assistance is required. Customers are discouraged from. . .

team spiritIt was a cold November day in 1953 when ten tractors and two teams of horses drove into the Clarke family farm lane near the hamlet of Goring to pick stones and plow fields. Irwin Clarke had spent four months in hospital with a broken back after a tree fell on him in his woodlot. The neighbors were there to help. Another neighbor helped...

caremongercupboardCaremongering: a word that didn’t exist in our shared vocabulary just a week ago, is now a global movement helping to connect neighbours and communities around the world in an intentional push against the daily grind of scaremongering we are facing about COVID-19 in our local communities (note: this is not about minimizing the legitimate fear and precautions we need and are practicing in our communities to #flattenthecurve). Started as a mutual aid online FB group in Toronto, the Caremongering movement now has. . .




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