Summerfolk48 18Aug23 Fri overhere leadinIt's the 48th time folks have gathered on the shores of the Sound this August weekend ...

resized 20220918 Cobble Beach Concours Saturday Lenssen Photo 317171The Cars are the Stars at the 9th annual Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance presented by Porsche, as they take to the stage and to the green, at Cobble Beach Golf Resort Community. A long-held tradition stemming from the 17th century when cars would parade through the parks of Paris, France, evolving into what we now know as a competition of elegance (Concours d’Elegance) displaying not only antiques but classic automobiles as well, for both competition and celebration.


On a hot night a couple weeks ago, a cottager neighbour left his solid doors open, creating a cross breeze through the screen doors.

Around midnight, he was awakened by his dog barking wildly. Getting up, he found his dog on the inside of the screen door facing an adult black bear on the other side.

He closed the doors ...


CNUFN OXENDEN png no background 2023This week marks the anniversary of Treaty 93 in which the Chippewas of Nawash were compelled to cede 6,000 acres of land in the lands of Saugeen Ojibway Nation. This land had been designated as the Colpoy's Bay Reserve.

We, the Oxenden Indigenous Art Project Planning Group, believe that readers of the Owen Sound Hub will be interested in a summary of the treaties concerning these lands as we work to build right relations with the Chippewas of Nawash and the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation ...

Peace Medallion121123 3066- by Michael McLuhan

On Friday morning August 4th at 1 AM, Bill Proud left us. We are the poorer for it. The few words allowed here will barely scratch the surface of how much Bill contributed to our community. Stricken with Parkinsons in his later years, he refused to let the condition slow him down. He continued to gather and sell mushrooms at the Farmers Market in Owen Sound. Many are not aware of his other accomplishments, his lasting contributions to our community, his other life.


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