BOS 03 10 2021 doublesize
I miss waiting in line at the grocery store. I have no idea what gossip the tabloids are proclaiming. I don't know what common opinions are being discussed by the people who ...

osfn 3- by John Dickson, Owen Sound Field Naturalists

In recent days I have been able to fit in a little more skiing, through beautiful open forests, and alongside a fast flowing stream, to an idyllic waterfall. Conversely, I have also been out for a run in shorts and T-shirt, hearing ...

Georgian PowWowStudents, faculty, staff and the public are invited to Georgian College’s very first Pow Wow At Home Virtual Festival to celebrate and learn about Indigenous culture, songs and dance.

The event, organized by the Barrie Campus Indigenous Resource Centre’s students and staff, features virtual dance competitions throughout ...

trudyanddog"Our Miki, 7 months old, spent the day at the Vet on IV fluids and charcoal to flush out an ingestion of a narcotic substance. During a walk around the neighbourhood, Miki, as young puppies do, picks up a multitude of “good stuff”. We’ve taught him “Drop It” and generally he does. We suspect he picked up marijuana without us seeing him do so. An hour after we got home, he couldn’t stand, didn’t know us, and was trembling. At the Vet, we find out

osfn3It is no secret that birding in all its phases from watching to backyard feeding has grown during this past year of Covid. Not news, of course, to those following David Turner, renowned local birder and naturalist, living in Flesherton, Ontario.

Meeting with Grey Highland’s Council on March 17 2021, David and his business partner Linda Reader are presenting their eco ...



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