On the farm, we had a healthy, majestic elm tree.

It towered over the back corner of the property.

Like the one near Clavering on Highway 6, this ancient elm escaped the Dutch Elm plague. It seemed to be immune.

I presume it still stands, a majestic memory of the many elms that once graced this landscape ...


staircasetoheaven- by Dennis Thompsett

The big secret is that the stairs were there at all. The City installed and maintained them to give access to all the working men needed for all the factories around the Bay. Their women and children got to live up in the clean air and water and they got a quick way to work. Which was a secret indeed. ...

rollermadnessdresses- by Dennis Thompsett

The photo shows Sandra Mitchell - Smart's dress rehearsal for a huge dance production number. On wheels. In the Colliseum at the Pleasure Grounds.

It was part of Roller Madness. It took over the town  so completely that even people from my bad- boy end of the East Hill were there...

rockfall- by Dennis Thompsett

This is my sister Raye Thompsett doing her death defying act at the top of the Rockfall, back in the day. Both are much more dangerous than they appear here.

The Rockfall was a little way back in the Orchard. The East Hill's own Grand Canyon. But even grander because the grownups hadn't taken it over. And we all knew how they could squeeze the fun out of anything.

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