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Almost two thousand years ago, for the festival of Shavuot or Pentecost, Jerusalem was full of pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. The festival marked the ...

Bognor can day gate 270Come celebrate Canada Day in person this year and rekindle your love of this great event here in the Municipality of Meaford with spectacular activities happening in Annan, Bognor and at the Meaford Harbour.

On Friday, July 1, the Municipality of Meaford, in partnership with many local groups and organizations, is offering Canada Day festivities throughout the day at the Meaford Harbour. Bring ...

jimcummingsriding- by Jim Cummings

In 2010, as a life time cyclist, I was inspired by Olympic cyclist and speed skater Clara Hughes’ “Bell Let’s Talk” campaign and later her “Clara’s Big Ride” (cycling 11,000 kilometers in 110 days around Canada ) to get people talking and help end the stigma around mental illness.

When I heard that in June 2013 there was a planned bike ride in support of the local Canadian Mental Health Association here ...

BrucenursesBruce County is now recruiting Registered Nurses for our wonderful long term care homes in Walkerton and Wiarton.

Long Term Care RNs do very important work in our community, caring for our senior residents. Their efforts ensure Bruce County’s long term care homes are where residents live with dignity, safety, security, and comfort. ...


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