pencil connecting the dots 1141430By Joachim Ostertag
We all know someone who has experienced sexual violence. It could be a sister, a brother, our partner, our mother or father, our child or it could be our own experience. When we understand what sexual violence is and begin to talk about it, we start to see it everywhere. Once we see it, we can change it.

hubfedora- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Dr. Ian Arra, Medical Officer of Health for the Grey Bruce Health Unit, has stated that the Owen Sound Hub is funded by local lawyer/city councillor John Tamming.

We want to correct that falsehood. ...

windowinbrickwall- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Every day of the week we receive a Covid-19 report from the Grey Bruce Health Unit. It is a template with the daily details filled in.  The template ends with “GBHU Team continue to ensure essential public health activities not related to COVID-19”.

The reason a significant number of identified health care professionals and more than 1400 of our neighbours have asked for a review ...

men silouhetteBy Jon Farmer
May is sexual assault prevention month; an annual opportunity to start conversations about sexual violence in our communities. Too often, conversations about sexual violence focus exclusively on girls and women. To actually eradicate sexual violence, however, we need to include men in the conversation. As a community we need to acknowledge both that boys and men experience it and that men perpetrate the vast majority of all sexual violence.


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