freshco2- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

A quick mid-meeting post from last night's Owen Sound council meeting set off a fascinating flurry of comments.

Our Facebook post was about a proposed grocery store addition to the Villarboit Heritage Grove development on 16th Street East. In the artists' renderings, it is a FreshCo – one of the Sobey's family of 1,500 stores ...

owensoundoptionfirst- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

After watching the final episode of HBO's Succession, I began to think it was time to be clearer about the potential future of the Owen Sound Hub.

In February 2014, I published the first of two editions of The Owen Sound Option, a two-page print piece on pink paper in which I invited the reader to “consider the community you want and invest your energy in creating it”. ...

insectcollection- by Douglas Nadler

“O ruin’d piece of nature, this great world
Shall so wear out to naught.”    – William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of King Lear

When in 1951 Rachel Carson published her extraordinarily popular book The Sea Around Us ...

firedanger– by David McLeish

I grew up in northern Canada. Back then things called fire breaks were used to protect communities from wildfires.

A road or a ring of cleared vegetation was used to reduce the spread of wildfire ...

roosterandhen– by Miranda Miller

Last week, a man walking his dog off-leash lost control of his pet, which killed several laying hens at a friend's farm. He and the dog trespassed 100 metres onto the farm property and damaged the electric fence in the process.

When confronted, the man tossed $20 at the person present and left the scene with his dog ...


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