michaelcraig- by Michael Craig, Bluewater District School Board Trustee for Owen Sound

I have to admit, as a new trustee, that I’m surprised to learn how much schools have changed, how much support is available to students from an academic, emotional and career-choice perspective.

After sixty years – yes, going back to my high school days – and having been an active parent and grandparent to six young people, and years ago a chair of Home and School, I thought that not much had improved since the bad old days ...

dollarsaver - by Jim Hutton

To Mayor and members of Owen Sound Council

Tomorrow you will have your first opportunity to change the direction that Owen Sound is headed as a result of years of excessive tax increases. The BMA slides in your presentation show the impact of the failure of successive councils to address our growing expenses. This situation ...

wiartonwillieinmemoriam- by Jenna McGuire

I'm bracing myself for an onslaught of opposition, but I have been thinking about speaking up about this for years, and after the death of Wiarton Willie IV in 2020, I regretted that I didn't voice my concerns earlier ...

JohnTamming banner 30Jan23ffs

- by John Tamming

The old criminal “courthouse” was in fact just a floor, located above the Boot and Blade. It was a low-ceilinged warren comprised of dingy waiting room, dark hallway, cramped Crown Attorney’s office full of bored cops and two tiny jail cells in the back, occupied by those praying to make bail ...


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