TarpTents 7- by Logan Htaf Dwesgi

As the 2019-2020 winter is geared to have colder than usual temperatures, combined with a larger than ever homeless population and no available housing options, we want to avoid frost bite amputations and frozen corpses.

A possibly solution, since the homeless are already using tents, is to support them, and make sure they have. . .

movingtheworld- by Wendy Priesnitz

The phrase “OK Boomer” is having its day, both on social media and in offline situations. My first reaction when I saw it a while back was to laugh it off as one of those pithy statements and memes inherent to social media, where nuance goes to die. I saw it as a sarcastic way for people under a certain age to express their justifiable anger and frustration at the state of world – as many generations have done before them. . .

roof - by David Beverly-Foster

It struck me that people don't talk much about human rights anymore, so I looked though the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which I remember from high school. I'm also trying to ground my perspective from a place of morality, instead of starting with 'what rural Canada is' as my grounding point, as culture is wont to do!

As it turns out, most people. . .


- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Last evening we published an article about ...




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