- by Angus Wright

re: Board's decision upheld by court

If there's one thing I'd love to teach all children it is to look for the helpers, supporters and allies in every situation and every community.

I'm glad that we're seeing this kind of gendered violence, rhetoric, homophobia and transphobia in public.

Back in my day people like that stayed closeted and created harm in the darkness and safety of their own communities and churches. At least now people can see it from a mile away and hopefully avoid them altogether. Thankful technology can bring tools, resources and the hope for education and support to kids and families experiencing the emotional labour of ignorance.

Fly our flag, don't fly our flag, it makes no impact to our queer lives one way or another. Keep ignorance public and reduce the risk of the harm generated by people fueled by hate and entitlement. Thankful for people and communities willing to help heal people as they escape the abusive circumstances and people in their lives. I went to OSCVI for a brief time and the school motto was "While we live, let us live."

Actions speak louder than words, and the act of showing up to school board meetings, public spaces and engaging people in harmful rhetoric speaks volumes to the need for safe people and safe spaces. School boards impact the daily lived experience of the children, youth, and adults engaging in education.

This person took action to disrupt the meeting, cost people time, money and energy. These actions impact real people experiencing mental and physical health challenges as a result of rejection, fear of violence, and lived experience in their family and social circles.

It goes beyond an exchange of words, or dismissing people as being less intelligent or ignorant. These kinds of actions generate violence, cost everyone in healthcare and social supports and put a strain on the relationships at the school board, education and law enforcement communities.

I feel it's time to prioritize the people and not the perceived roles they play. Regardless of the spiritual or moral beliefs of individuals, we live in a country that promotes protections for everyone including based on gender identity and sexuality. It's time to uphold those values and allow the rest to take place in people's personal or private properties.




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