covidtally"Case and contact management is progressing as planned. With the current trajectory, we should be able to regain full control over case and contact management by the end of the day tomorrow, April 17.

The risk of COVID-19 in Grey Bruce remains relatively low, and should not ...

Clumpus WebWe have been extremely lucky until now to have had very low case numbers in our area, that labeled us a “low risk area”, but as the Grey Bruce Health Unit saw a staggering over 70 new cases in a 36 hour period this week, Dr. Arra has declared a critical threshold and asked that we all step up and do what’s necessary to ...

greybrucemunicipalitiesReaders have asked for details on the membership, contact information and responsibilities of the Grey Bruce Board of Health.

The Grey Bruce Board of Health is currently composed of ten members.  The Wardens of both counties, Mitch Twolan of Bruce and Selwyn Hicks of Grey, sit on the Board. 

covid 19 mask 5464546 64042 new cases reported in past 24 hours in Grey Bruce:

The Blue Mountains - 11

face mask 5619233 640The Grey Bruce Health Unit is declaring a community outbreak in Eastern Grey County. The cases have been identified as a Variant of Concern.

This is a significant event requiring a Grey Bruce wide response as at-risk contacts are from across Grey, Bruce, and Simcoe Counties. ...


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