- by Paul Vanwyck

OWEN SOUND – A local discovery that may prove lake monsters still exist has sold for more than four times the appraised value at auction in New York yesterday.

Known as the 'Serpent's Tooth', the 10 cm long tooth was discovered on the east side of  Owen Sound harbor.

Various scientists studied the tooth prior to the auction and came to some startling conclusions: the tooth was still developing 70 years ago and it belongs to a reptile similar to Komodo Dragons.

The winning bid was from a local group, meaning the tooth is headed back home.

"It was found here, it belongs here," said the leader of the group Jess Sumguy. "We're very excited to get it home so we can show it off."

The group had been raising pledges for weeks in anticipation of the auction, but it was some last minute heroics by Sumguy that made the dream a reality.

"The tooth was appraised at $10,000, so we tried to raise $25,000 in pledges just in case. So far we've only received $3,000. The rest was on condition of us getting the tooth. So we knew going into the auction that we needed to get our hands on some cash. I'd gotten pre-approval on a second mortgage, so when we had the winning bid I was able to have the money within the hour."

Sumguy said he's not concerned about getting his money back.

"As long as the $25,000 in pledges are fulfilled I expect we'll be able to raise the rest before long with appearance fees and donations."

You can see the tooth this Saturday at the Owen Sound Mini ComiCon at the library.

image: Komodo Dragon...or Owen Sound Serpent??



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