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Demautocracy . Yes, this is the new word to describe how Doug Ford’s Conservative  Party works.  

I have tried to raise my voice in denouncing the current government’s  moves to remove land from the Green Belt and to construct highway 413. To do this, I have tried to contact the various Ministers that  would have responsibility for the portfolios that these two actions  would effect. That would be the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and  Housing, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of the  Environment, Conservation and Parks and the Ministry of Agriculture,  Food and Rural Affairs. 

In speaking to office members in two of the Ministers offices, one being the Chief of Staff, I was told that I really should be speaking to  the Premier’s office as their Minister did not make the decision in  these two very important projects that directly effect their Ministries. 

What is a Minister’s responsibility in government if not to speak up  and defend the interests of the people of Ontario in the department  that they represent? It is becoming increasingly clear that the removal of lands from the Green Belt and the building of Hwy 413  have no economic, environmental, agricultural, climate change, or housing sense. We will lose very valuable natural and farming areas  that will never be able to be returned to their current use and value. 

The silence of these Ministers is deafening. When they do speak it is  with the talking points of the Premier. May I suggest that instead of  having different titles for each of the Ministers we just call them all the  Minister of Obedience #1, the Minister of Obedience #2 et cetera. 

Doug Ford is exercising his autocratic powers with 41% or the  popular vote representing just 18% of eligible voters. A sad state of  affairs in what we call our Democracy.

Clark Schneider, Georgian Bluffs



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