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legatesDear Editor –

During my last year in council, I attempted to show the chambers at an open meeting a series of photos of the downtown. These depicted a number of embarassments on our main streets. On a point of order, my attempt failed. Councillors did not wish to embarrass the owners, was the stated reason.

Bylaw enforcement lies with the same office as is in charge of our clerical functions as a city. ...

reesecropped- by Rosalie Reese

I am writing to you about a personal experience in the Emergency Department of the Owen Sound Hospital on the evening of March 5, 2023.

My 83-year-old husband was at home experiencing elevated temperature, chills and shaking. As a retired physician he knew that these were symptoms of sepsis – an infection of the blood which can be fatal. This condition requires rapid treatment ...

servicecanadaguardDear Editor,

I just noticed that the Service Canada Centre in Owen Sound at the Heritage Mall continues to be guarded by a burly security person.

I personally regard this as an intimidating barrier ..

tank at clarks homestead near vails point pf212s1f2i31Dear Editor –

In 1942, the Canadian government expropriated 17,350 acres of land in Grey County in North Sydenham and St. Vincent townships to support democracy in Canada and the world during World War II.

Farmers, fruit growers, and fishermen were forced off their lands only to find that the reimbursement was insufficient to replace their losses. This was their sacrifice to support the war effort ...

taxbillDear Editor

Over the past few days, I have received a number of calls regarding municipal property tax notices. it would seem various municipalities in Ontario are not including required information. This information includes but is not limited to ...


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