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curryhouseflowersDear Editor:

It’s so great to see the community come together like this.

Though one thing I will say that I’m super tired of hearing from people, no matter how well intentioned, is the “This isn’t who we are here. This isn’t Owen Sound. This doesn’t happen here….” tropes.

It is, and it does, because it did ...

texture 2068283 640Dear Editor:

I think the time has come to stop saying, "It is inconceivable that it happened here!" because the reality is that ‘white rage’ is rearing its ugly head everywhere.

And, it did happen here. An innocent, loving, community-minded brown family man was beaten to death at his Owen Sound restaurant.

There is more going on here than just an unpaid food bill. Was it ‘white rage’ ...

sharifLike many people in our community, I have a heavy heart. We are in the wake of a deeply distressing incident— a beloved member of our community, a paragon of compassion and integrity, has suffered a vicious assault. Sharif is known to many as a gentle, and community-oriented person. One cannot help but think ...

educateracismI had lived in Owen Sound for 16 years and was told at that same spot, by a well dressed white gentleman, to go home to where I came fromat .

Owen Sound tries so hard to be the progressive small town with so much to offer anyone from anywhere as the place to live.

But there is still that white elephant in room where tragedy is acknowledged but hanging in the rafters is the word rascism

curryhouseAll day, after the news that a brown business owner was beaten by three white guys on our main street, my mind has been back in 1995. Hard memories of the 10:00 pm phone call that said, people are storming the Market in protest of Indigenous fish seller, come, come. I went. I took my 10 year old son and I stood in front of a booth where a single Nawash woman sold Georgian Bay fish. Around me and a few other counter protesters were one hundred white men including local politicians and justice officials set on ending Indigenous communities competition ...


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