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nursing covidImagine if you can – if you dare – that, if you don’t already have a loved one in a private long-term care home with a COVID outbreak, imagine that you do. You’re worried, frantic even. You want to get them out of there. But you can’t because the home has been ...

vaccinateyoungOur spreaders now are the younger working population and they are also now the ones dying. They work in factories, hospitals, schools, distribution centres etcetera. The virus is now more virulent to the younger people and they think they will be okay because so far they have been. The new more virulent viruses are thriving in this population.

We really need to give ...

greenlife"Have you calculated your rebate?" is just the latest way to sell the carbon tax. I've got a better one.

Let's say the total amount raised by the carbon tax averages out to $1,000 per person. The easiest thing to do is send everyone with a SIN number a cheque for $1,000. (Actually just deposit it directly into their bank account. ...

dunemarkingsThe Town of South Bruce Peninsula had planned to undertake a project which would improve the parking along Lakeshore Blvd N., making the area safer for pedestrians.

We were granted a permit by the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority but subsequently, a Judicial Review of the permit was filed ...

arrowbackRegarding vaccine eligibility and reality in Grey Bruce.

This, from the Ontario site: "Who is Eligible in Phase Two?
"Health conditions
Individuals with the health conditions listed below will be vaccinated in order of risk ...


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