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StreetPerson 3rdAve 30Aug22 01Dear Owen Sound Hub,

I am writing to you today in hopes to change the narrative around Owen Sound and other parts of the province regarding the dialog and narratives people have regarding our vulnerable populations such as; people experiencing homelessness, people struggling with addiction and substance use and people dealing with their mental health ...


Farmer John headBW– by Jon Farmer

As November comes to a close, the moustache themed ads that have filled newsfeeds and flyers will fade away. The season of ‘Movember’ will end and our newly-hairy ...

truckconvoyDear Editor

Over the past few weeks many Canadians have been watching the Inquiry on the use of the Emergencies Act, to remove the trucks from Ottawa, and the various border crossings.

What Canadians should have concern, regarding this use of this Act, is the laissez-faire attitude with which it was implemented. If the government feels ...

Letter snow 3237949Snow removal in Owen Sound is unforgivably bad.

Not that the folks who remove the snow don't do a good job, there just aren't enough of them ...

welcomeI am writing to congratulate all of you on your recent election success and for your willingness to step into the arena of public service to our city.

Being a municipal councillor is tough. You will work through lengthy council meetings and committee meetings and be expected to respond quickly to constituents and attend hearings and media events – all for a very modest paycheck. I appreciate your courage and your investment, and I believe ...


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