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communitychestIn an ideal world when a child is born provision should be made and in place for when they need assistance in later life. There could be a fund like Employment Insurance from which the payments would be made.  In this way future generations would not have to shoulder that debt. 

Currently it must be admitted we are not providing the basic care required.  Right now there are ...

covid worldIt looks like Doug Ford isn’t coping with COVID as well as we thought he was when the first wave of the virus tore through the Province. Now his concern for Ontario’s economy seems to be trumping (pun intended) his concern for people. Witness, for example, the weak thresholds for his new colour-coded ...

kiteboardMy Brand New 2013 5’6” North Whip Kiteboard was taken ( a.k.a. Stolen ) today from the shoreline!

I was Kiting at the Main Beach at  Sauble Beach November 11, 2020. I was using an Ozone Reo 7m for most of the morning and then around 11:45am went ...

walkingDear Mayor Boddy and Members of City Council,

I have gone through the correct channels with city staff to request the Bayshore be open again for walkers upstairs. Having received a reply from Ms. Coulter that no, it is not possible, I was prepared to appear before City Council on ...

facts magnifying glass"The second we release this contract, the shitstorm will become a hurricane." – email from an insider

“The good old boys prevail as always. Don’t you love it.” – a non-sarcastic email from one city councillor to ...


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