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smoke stackIt took a while for the public to realize the serious risk one imposed on themselves by smoking cigarettes.  Similarly it is taking a while for people to realize the seriousness of ...

waleedfamilyTonight I attended a town hall in Owen Sound that was held by the People’s Party of Canada.
Although it took every iota of strength that I had in my body to attend this event, I wanted to be present, as a representative of my community. It’s important to celebrate freedom of speech and to engage with people with (vastly) differing views.

At the beginning of the event, Mr Bernier mentioned. . .

GBLabourCouncilRecognizing the importance and influence of workers and labour, NDP and Liberal candidates for the upcoming federal election requested time on the September monthly meeting agenda of the ...

michaeldtDear Editor:

We live in a fast-paced world, including a round-the-clock news cycle that seldom pauses to take stock.

This is particularly noteworthy during ...




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