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Movember movember 3779773

– by Jon Farmer

As November comes to a close, the moustache-themed ads that have filled newsfeeds and flyers will fade away. The season of ‘Movember’ will end and our newly-hairy family, friends, and coworkers will return to their previous styles of facial hair. If you didn’t know any better you could think that Movember was simply a fashion experiment and marketing ploy but its roots are more noble and more important than that.

The original purpose of Movember is to start conversations about the important issues that men too easily avoid: prostate cancer, physical health, and mental health.

When we – as men – neglect these conversations and avoid these issues they can kill us. Fear of appearing ‘weak’ and the ego-driven need to seem ‘tough’ masquerade as reasons to stay quiet. In truth there’s no good reason for men to avoid difficult conversations, especially on life and death issues.

It’s okay for men to struggle. It’s natural for men to need help.

As we turn the calendar and move past another Movember it’s essential that we remember its roots.

We need not keep a stiff upper lift. Rather, we moustache each other how we’re doing and be courageous enough to answer honestly.

There are people and organizations out there to help and to support our wellness. It’s time for men to stop dying from preventable causes.

Jon Farmer lives in Owen Sound



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