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senior in mask

The drug poisonings are tragic and a lot is being done to try to prevent these. But the four drug deaths pale compared to the 26 deaths from Covid-19 that occurred in the Grey Bruce Health Unit catchment area for the period of September 1 to December 1, 2022.

Why does the Grey Bruce Health Unit seem to ignore these deaths?

They started to report statistics like hospitalizations and cases after stopping the situation reports but have chosen to ignore the deaths. I get this information from the Provincial Data page. To contrast, in 2021 when mask wearing was more prevalent, the deaths in Grey Bruce were three for the same period of time.

Quoting the Health Unit website: "We encourage the public to consider taking the vaccine when eligible, avoid crowds, and remain vigilant."

Nothing about masks even though the provincial Medical Officer for Health recommended masks. Yes, I advocate masks because of the numbers and I don't want to get sick or make others sick. I volunteer in a seniors' building so I'm trying to protect them.

Donald Statham



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