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teacherAs a parent of a middle-school student, I have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the classroom. I volunteer for school field trips, I stop in to the school and deliver snacks to my child’s classroom, and I invite my kids’ classmates over for pizza, pop and...

classroomDear Stephen Lecce
Education Minister
Government of Ontario

Stephen, I don't only question your position but also your Government's. Social Service cuts have only damaged the plan of...

noaccessSCENARIO: I am against a certain government decision and organize a protest by blocking the 8th Street bridge by a spectacular instant bonfire. How long do you think would it take for my gang to be arrested- 5 , 15 or 30 minutes....or 3 weeks? I know I am not very original, but many people are asking this question. So I am adding:

tight moneyI heard a fellow say, regarding the teacher’s strike, “What can you do? Ford promised to reduce the deficit. We have to cut somewhere.” Actually you don’t! You can increase revenue. Give the teachers the extra one percent but then tax it back. Of course other people with similar incomes would also...




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