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climbingThe government of Canada is a business. Before a business buys a machine (for example) they conduct a return on investment analysis (ROI). In my day the ROI required was 15%. This left some room for the odd investment that didn’t work out.

In some cases, where there was a safety issue involved, an investment had to be made regardless of ROI, mostly because the value of a healthy human life was considered to have no reasonable upper limit. . .

JournalistAfter Monday’s election, a new chapter in Canada’s legacy begins. With my voter’s privilege and responsibility, I think deeply about the long-term impacts our representatives will have, and find myself increasingly grateful for sources of information that strive to be non-partisan and factual. To make up my own mind, I try to avoid being swayed by political media coverage that functions as entertainment, or crosses the line from persuasion to propaganda by. . .

georgianbaymeafordDear Editor

I attended the recent community meeting in Meaford concerning the proposed TransCanada Energy (TCE)  (formerly the TransCanada Corporation) project to be located on ...

lightsI will not be in Owen Sound during this election, but I wish I could be there to cast my ballot. Raised in a Tory blue environment, I have worn shirts of orange, waved flags of red, and given money to the Greens. My political values are confused; I am a moderately conservative capitalist, green at heart, and a social-leaning liberal but if we were in town at the moment, our lawn would be festooned with. . .





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