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trumptruck“Therefore be it resolved that the City of Owen Sound will actively work towards anti-racism and anti-oppression at every opportunity including but not limited to ...

ianboddymaskRe: Did Owen Sound really have "a very good year"?   (OwenSoundHub, Jan. 21, 2021)

Mr. Clark is, of course, free to provide as detailed and encyclopedic a litany of our city's flaws as he sees fit. Take 25 paragraphs, perform as nasty audit of this town as you are able and, as they say, knock yourself out. Mr. Clark is also perfectly at liberty, ...

turnermulroneyWith a federal election a definite possibility at any time, it might be a good idea for us voters to look at the credibility of our two parties that have ever held the levers of power , in minority or majority, in Ottawa.

We have just witnessed a sobering change of power south of the border, and possibly a little self satisfaction ...

climategoestocityhallOpen Letter to Owen Sound City Council

In December 2019, I attended a council meeting with my daughters to support a local group of students as they made their deputation to council, along with a petition of 674 names, asking council to implement a response to climate change. ...

TOMpinecountryI have been involved in the arts my entire adult life as an artist, curator, and gallery director and fully support the integral role of the arts in society. But I seriously question the hyperbole conferred upon the gallery's collection -"We have one of the most important art collections in Ontario if not Canada." - and its viability as the basis for a destination gallery.

A much more honest and pragmatic assessment is needed. ...


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