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riggingThis week the Conservative Party of Canada took down from its web site the following statement: ‘Justin Trudeau is rigging the next election in his favour.’

Sound familiar? This is the same unfounded rhetoric that President Trump has used to foment anger ....

Maginot Line 1Hello Mr. Walker and Mr. Ford

Protect our residents in long term care. This provincial government has failed the residents, workers and families of folks in long term care.

I have experience as a physiotherapist in LTC for 30 years, as the son of a resident ...

epochtimesDear MP Ruff,

I am writing to strongly oppose the local distribution of the newspaper entitled The Epoch Times. This publication contains articles which misrepresent and mislead the public.

This may appeal to those in ...

osharechristmasDear Editor:
I suspect that there will be many folks who will be glad to see the end of 2020. There have been so many challenges as our community was impacted by the restrictions and impacts of COVID-19. Local businesses have struggled, people have lost work or had their number of hours reduced and we’ve had to socially distance ourselves from family ...

bridgelightsEveryone is excited about the 10th Street bridge being back in use and I can't say I'm not included in that crowd.  It was nice to be able to get across to the west side in less than five minutes at 5pm on a Friday.

The detours the city put in use during the 14 month downtime were a mixed bag. By and large, I viewed it as a positive -


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