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TreeCity WestSide

Dear Editor:

NeighbourWoods North is thrilled that Owen Sound is now one of the 18 Canadian cities recognized formally as a Tree City of the World.

Cities all around the world apply annually for this honour. In Owen Sound, this recognition came about because NeighbourWoods North promoted the idea, and found support from the mayor, some enlightened councillors and some Open Spaces staff.

To be designated a Tree City, cities must demonstrate leadership in building and maintaining urban and community forests and meet the five core standards for Tree City recognition.

These standards are:

  • Establish responsibility
  • Set the rules
  • Know what you have
  • Allocate the resources, and
  • Celebrate achievements.

To maintain recognition, each city must submit an annual application and point to the achievements from the year before.

In October 2022, Owen Sound joined Grey County for Phase One of the county's Transform the Lawn project.

Members of the public attended to gain some expert tree planting tips from city staff, help plant a few sugar and red maples and celebrate those who work on our urban and community forests. It was a perfect example of collaboration.

We hope that the City will soon change their by-laws to allow for Tree City Banners to be hung along the main entrances to our town.

Hurrah for Owen Sound as a Tree City of the World.

Shawna Macivor


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