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hospitalwardDear Editor:

On Tuesday, Apr.18, the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) will be officially launching their province-wide campaign to stop the privatization of public hospitals to for-profit private clinics and hospitals.

The newly formed, grassroots, Grey Bruce County Health Coalition ...

beach 5696492 640Dear Mayor Michi and Council

I wish to say that I am pleased that there has finally been a ruling by Justice Vella regarding the boundary claim brought forward by Saugeen First Nation at Sauble Beach. I commend you for taking the time needed to meet with your legal counsel to read and understand all that this ruling entails ...

emptystorefrontDear Editor:

Glad to hear that at least we taxpayers aren't paying for empty storefronts anymore.

But imposing a cost, as St. Catharines has done, would be strategic and appropriate. These empty stores are not only hugely undesirable in the public space that is Main Street, but are a fire and security liability to their neighbours and a financial burden on the City and on police, as the article notes ...

saubledunesrolfeDear Mayor Michi and Members of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula Council:

I am a shared owner of two properties on the Sauble River. I have been fortunate to be a member of a family that has spent time at Sauble Beach for about ninety years.

I am writing to Council to strongly urge the Town of South Bruce Peninsula to do the right thing, and NOT appeal this court decision.

dunesDear Editor

This is a letter I sent to Town of South Bruce Peninsula council in regards to the Superior Court decision of this week.The majority of people I have spoken to within our Town are in favour of not appealing this ruling and hope that our Council members do not further protract this decision ...


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