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musichalloffameFirstly, thank you one and all for your calls, e-mails and social media messages in support of both the Bruce Grey Music Hall of Fame and the Bognor Jam Production, Promotion and Consulting events and shows previously held in the auditorium at the Hepworth Shallow Lake Legion.

We also extend a heartfelt thanks to the many financial donations that have come the HOF way since that tragic fire one year ago that destroyed the Legion, its records, furnishing, memorabilia and our own HOF historical collection, artifacts and inductee honorariums ...

populismAh, the rise of populism around the world: troubling and fascinating in equal measure.

I read an analysis in the Walrus which pulled together polling by Frank Greaves, about the policies (lack of) and popularity of Pierre Poilievre.

Of course most of his cautious nods to right-wing extremists run in parallel to the views of deluded Trumpists around the world ...

terryfoxmarathonAs I think back on the year I think this.

Kids, instead of starting or smoking cigarettes please give to the Terry Fox Foundation. Terry said anyone who gives a dollar is as much a member of the Marathon of Hope as anyone else.

TalismandLands escarpmentDear Councillors of Grey Highlands

Congratulations to all on your recent appointment to Council. I appreciate your desire to serve the people of Grey Highlands with a vision for longterm health and prosperiety, and I understand that the Talisman Lands are a big issue facing you in the next while ...

senior in maskThe drug poisonings are tragic and a lot is being done to try to prevent these. But the four drug deaths pale compared to the 26 deaths from Covid-19 that occurred in the Grey Bruce Health Unit catchment area for the period of September 1 to December 1, 2022.

Why does the Grey Bruce Health Unit seem to ignore these deaths?


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