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howoldwillyoubeHello MPP Walker,

I'm reaching out to express my concern about proposed changes that would reduce the ability of conservation authorities to protect the environment in Ontario.

As we consider the legacy of assets and debts we will leave to future generations ...

floodbarnConservation Authorities as they are now constituted are one of Ontario’s greatest lines of defence against flooding and other water related natural disasters. Since 1954, they have worked with Ontario municipalities to steer development away from flood-prone and other hazard lands. The CAs have amassed a large amount of knowledge and expertise in their staff and ...

reflectinglightsI live across the bay from Cobble Beach. Last night I was up in the middle of the night walking off a leg cramp and looked out the window - at a city sized blaze of light. Not for the first time, since every night, going to bed, turning out lights, looking out the window to see if there's a moon or stars shining on the water is routine.

But at 3 am in my totally ...

climbinggreenAs we come to the end of a long and difficult year, uncertainty about the future is understandable. Many of us had big plans for 2020. The beginning of a new decade was supposed to be cause for optimism and growth, rather than a year spent distanced and waiting out the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, as we reflect on the year gone by and what the future has in store, here in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties we should all be proud ...

saubleecosystemI was appalled and disgusted when I read the recent article regarding the Town of South Bruce Peninsula’s plans to “re-contour the dunes” and install a concrete retaining wall. The audacity to even consider doing this is beyond my belief! A long court challenge has already found the town guilty of two counts of damaging plover habitat, contrary to the Endangered Species Act, through its beach maintenance work in 2017. The judge ordered a payment of $100,000 ...


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