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climate change handsI was at city council in Owen Sound the night they reneged on their commitment they made to young people to hire a climate change adaptation and mitigation coordinator to help chart a course for the city. Four councilors against, four counsellors in favor, the mayor made the deciding vote to put the position on hold. One had to notice there...

walkerfordDear Editor,

So … Doug Ford and his minions (that includes you, Bill Walker) have resorted to dissing teachers. “Walker says teachers’ unions not being responsible in disputes” is a headline that tells me he doesn’t understand that unions act to support their members and that teachers instructed their unions to begin bargaining and, when that didn’t work, the teachers voted for strike action. . .

groundhogprotestDear Editor,

I read your news story online and wanted to clarify what happened, from my recollection.

For the first time in my 52 years, I made the trek to Wiarton for Groundhog Day. Yes, I took some signs with. . .

oil pump jackThe man was sitting down. He did not rise when his Prime Minister entered the room. He would not look him in the face. He refused to shake his hand.

Never mind that his country was burning … that a billion animals had perished in the flames … that 30 people lost their...




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