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TC EnergyDear Editor and Readers,

Since first hearing about TransCanada Energy’s proposed Pumped Storage Project in September 2019, I have been following closely; maybe more so than others, as I live directly below the proposed reservoir...

chess piecesI was saddened and surprised at the comments made by Councillor Scott Greig in response to Councillor Carole Merton’s motion “that the City of Owen Sound will actively work towards anti-racism and anti-oppression.”

In response to Mr. Greig’s question “Where's the body of evidence that there's a problem? Because before one fella in...

rhone1These are my comments regarding the proposed TCE Pumped Storage Project at the Meaford Tank Range.

I am a senior of 91 years, an environmentalist since industrial development in North York, Ontario, in 1964 poisoned a local pond on Rivalda Road, killing a flock of ducks. Despite my report to authorities, nothing was done about it.

There have been many environmental issues since. . .

earth maskOn July 8th our Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, formally announced that the federal government deficit for the 2020 -21 fiscal year will be $343 billion. The same Minister also announced his most recent estimate for the 2020-21 federal budget had called for a $34 billion deficit.

We are all well aware of the cause of the increase and for the most part, the majority of us support the actions our federal government...


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