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stopsignDear Editor

Stop: Roll-throughs as the new normal

Anecdotally, we all know that a “stop sign” does not really mean “stop” as so many of us roll-through them. Although there has been no new legislation to allow roll-throughs, it happens, it seems, a lot. ...

afghancowToday our friends stand knee deep in a ditch of sewage infested water and watch as their last hope for a safe return to Canada takes off from Kabul airport.

First they were told to apply in-country at Canadian consulates and the embassy. But we closed them. ...

chainlinkThe Minister of Long-term Care's Directive of July 1, 2021 is no "iron ring" for Long Term Care.

The Directive stated the unvaccinated workers in LTC must only watch a video about the benefits and risks of Covid-19 vaccination if they are unable to have the vaccine for other than solid medical or religious reasons.

This is an easy out ...

shortorderRe: Government money isn't keeping people home

The restaurant industry seems to have been the hardest hit, and being that I still work in it and have for the past 43 years, I can tell you first hand what has happened. ...


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