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Dear Editor

Thanks for the Be A Good Neighbour media release by Owen Sound recently regarding dog owners responsibilities.

My main concern is the dogs at large (off leash) part of Bylaw 2011-156 sec.5.1 – No person shall allow a dog to be at large within the City limits.

Speaking from personal experience in conversations / confrontations with off-leash dog owners, it seems when retorting "it won’t bite or hurt you", it is not understood that dog brains don’t operate like the ones possessed by humans, and I’m not disparaging dogs!

The question really is the harm that can be caused by off-leash hounds. Apart from possibly causing automobile accidents and putting youngsters at risk, I can speak from personal experience: November last year I was greeted by an off-leash dog of medium size in St. George’s Park.

It jumped up at me and caused me to lose my balance and fall to the ground. The dog didn’t hurt me as such, but did cause me harm. Fortunately falling on the grass I suffered only scrapes and bruises.

Now having reached my ninety-first year, this could well have been a life-threatening situation. I’m in reasonably robust shape but how would the result be for an older more frail person?

The fine for the infraction of this section of Bylaw 2011-156 is $205, possibly acting as a deterrent, but surely being a good neighbour would be more community minded?


Frank Barningham, Owen Sound


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