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greenbeltDear Editor 

In 2018, Premier Ford said “unequivocally, we won’t touch the Greenbelt” and he repeated that statement in early 2022. However, late in 2022 the Ford government announced the removal of 3000 hectares of land from the Greenbelt. Ontario’s Auditor General has just released a scathing report  ...

Shirley John and Ron at Sacred Pole 16 July 2023 Zena Curwain PhotographyDear Editor –

Just prior to the Higher FunKtion Harbour Nights concert this evening, my friend and I encountered Elder Shirley John and her husband, Ron, at the Giche-Name Wiikwedong Reconciliation Garden.

I feel certain Shirley has a story to tell. Meanwhile, my account is as follows ...

ShoreBeach 15Jul23 beach leadinDear Chief Ambrose, Ms Patchell, Mayor Boddy et al:

I am writing today regarding a matter the city has failed to firmly and finally address.

My concern and complaint is with regard to a homeowner resident on 2nd Avenue West who has, over the years, insisted that the water-access Crown land across the street from their house is in fact their property ...

monopolyDear Editor:  Re:  Short Term Rentals in Owen Sound and Our City Survey

It can be unseemly for former councillors to weigh in on municipal matters.  That said, I had a real interest in STRS during my council term and I continue to follow the issue avidly.  I don’t believe residential neighborhoods should be monetized.  I don’t believe that pop up motels should be squeezed into the places which we call home.

Two comments on the survey placed before us.  ...

healthcoalitionvoteDear Editor –

Recently, the Ontario Health Coalition ran a referendum about privatization of health care. More than 400,000 Ontarians voted to stop privatization of Ontario’s public hospitals.

It was a very impressive undertaking and it makes a strong statement – almost 3% of Ontarians felt strongly enough about this subject to vote against hospital privatization ...


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