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atvsRe: Georgian Bluffs decision to close COLE's Sideroad

The ongoing shoving match between ATV/ORV enthusiasts and local municipalities is both unfair and unnecessary. Perhaps emboldened by a 5+year diet of ‘mouth and might makes right’ US politics, local councillors can be faced with angry constituents and threatening phone calls. They shouldn’t be hung out to dry like that. ...

sunshinecoronaThe Sunshine list was recently published and has me reeling over the salary of the Medical Officer of Health in our region. In a time when people were finding themselves out of work, working and providing childcare, perhaps losing their businesses and livelihoods, the Board of Health for the Grey Bruce Health Unit thought it reasonable to pay one man $631,510.22 for one year’s work. ...

democracyDear Editor:

Is Democracy the real victim of the virus or is it a victim of government? That is for you and your elected officials to decide.

As of late Canadians have seen a push from government to do everything on-line. This, unfortunately, includes “public meetings,” which are ...

BlueEnvelopeSo I know I'm not going to make it to this appointment. But we've been waiting for our BLUE ENVELOPE.

In Scotland, the Royal Mail has been prioritizing the delivery of blue envelopes from the NHS: notification of your appointment for the COVID vaccine. We returned home ...

owen sound harbourIt was with great pleasure that I read John Tamming's letter in your publication. Finally someone gets it.

Owen Sound is my birth place and where I am proud to call home but we as a civic society really do not have a clue as to what we have been charged with, to ...


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