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airportre: The essential truths about a small-town airport

If the four basic principles Mr. Macdonald applies to the airport were applied to all other municipal infrastructure we would see the disappearance of city buses, parks, rinks, sports fields, libraries, galleries and museums.

City council has identified  ...

cityhall fullIn my opinion the residents of Owen Sound need to be concerned about proposed amendments to the procedural by-law regarding Public Question Period. They seriously limit the subjects which can be brought forward to Council by a member of the public.

The change would mean that if a subject isn't specifically on the agenda it cannot be brought forward in question period. So for example ...

stopsignDear Editor

Stop: Roll-throughs as the new normal

Anecdotally, we all know that a “stop sign” does not really mean “stop” as so many of us roll-through them. Although there has been no new legislation to allow roll-throughs, it happens, it seems, a lot. ...

afghancowToday our friends stand knee deep in a ditch of sewage infested water and watch as their last hope for a safe return to Canada takes off from Kabul airport.

First they were told to apply in-country at Canadian consulates and the embassy. But we closed them. ...


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