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Dear Editor

I cannot express strongly enough my opposition to the news that Sarah Jama has been removed from the NDP caucus.
A person brave enough to speak truth to power.
An international call for a ceasefire, to stop the killing.

There's a mention on the NDP website about being 'progressive'. Obviously a misspelling, should read 'regressive'. "Progressive"? Why not go all the way and have Sarah burned at the stake?

What a spineless organization to not support a free thinker/speaker and  instead mute a single rational voice. Never thought I'd see the day when I felt the Ford crowd would be more 'progressive' than the NDP! Gone are the days of free speech,  one must never under any circumstance criticize Israel while they contravene all manner of
international laws and conventions. Collective punishment violates all the above and yet  no mention of censure of the government of Israel.

I started many decades ago with the CCF, a real 'progressive' political party proud to work  with Tommy Douglas, David Lewis, Donald McDonald.
Socialism held promise, strong enough that the capitalists worked, not overly hard, to use their power over capital and the media to manipulate the populace, successfully
it now appears.

Sarah Jama removed from NDP caucus, unbelievable, disgusting, a single voice in the wilderness.

I know that this message will be taken up by CSIS, possibly with your assistance because of my audacity to criticize Israel, of course, and therefore to be deemed anti semitic.

I survived the London U.K. bombing as a teenager naively believing that that war  was to protect among many ideals, freedom of speech, finally at ninety that last vestige
of true humanity toward man has now been shattered.

Finally, although I gave up support of the NDP many years ago because of being disillusioned by its many anti socialist policies, I clung to the possibility there might be a glimmer of hope remaining there in comparison to the other political parties, now alas even that light has  been extinguished.


Frank Barningham, Owen Sound


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