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Dear Editor -

I have heard the word "indoctrinating" a lot, in regards to the public school boards, from people who do not support transgendered students. I first saw it in an article about things that Doug Ford said. Now I hear it everywhere.

Supporting and advocating for trans students is not the same as indoctrination. The term "indoctrination" typically refers to the imposition of a particular set of beliefs or ideology on individuals without allowing for critical thinking or alternative viewpoints. It suggests a one-sided, coercive approach that does not encourage independent thought or exploration.Supporting trans students, on the other hand, involves creating inclusive environments that respect and affirm their gender identities.

This support can take various forms, such as implementing policies that protect trans students from discrimination, providing access to gender-neutral restrooms, offering counseling services, and educating staff and students about gender diversity and inclusion.

Promoting inclusivity and supporting marginalized groups, including trans students, is an important aspect of fostering a safe and nurturing educational environment. It helps create a space where all students feel valued and supported, regardless of their gender identity or expression.Discussions around supporting trans students have been the subject of debate and controversy in some contexts. However, it's important to approach these discussions with an open mind, to listen to diverse perspectives, and to prioritize the well-being and rights of all students, including transgender individuals.

Let's respect and protect trans kids, and all kids, in our schools!


David Mossy, Thornbury


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