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Another long day for our city councillors. The afternoon was taken up with discussing and approving a draft Strategic Plan which will be presented at a public meeting on Monday, June 29 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Note the challenge the city has with the timing of any opportunity for civic engagement. They can hold a public meeting when people who rely on public transit cannot come (any time after 6 p.m.), or they can hold it when any 9-5-er would be challenged to attend (any time before 6 p.m.). I attended one that was offered twice to allow both groups to attend, and I was one of 3 participants. Given the whopping 19 citizens that attended the first public meeting about this plan that shapes the direction of our municipality for the next five years, the city cannot be blamed for treating this like the legal formality it has become and just getting it checked off the list within the promised timeframe.
The Strategic Plan itself however, is worth a read and will be posted on the city website by Monday, June 22.  I will try to post the existing Strategic Plan so those interested can make a comparison.

The regular meeting was proceeded by an in-camera meeting with three agenda items, bringing council to an even 50 the number this council has dealt with in their six and a half months. One was about...


Having printer problems?  Visiting from out of town and need something printed right away?

The Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library is now a printing hotspot, thanks to the Ontario Library Capacity Fund.

Launched June 1st, our customers have been telling us how much they appreciate this new service and how easy it is to use.

Print jobs can be sent any time, day or night from any internet enabled device no matter where it is located. They will be ready for you to print off at the library during regular hours. Follow the wireless printing instructions found on our website – or ask any staff member for assistance.  There is even a handy app for ...

8thST-featureThe Ministry of Labour has lifted two Stop Work Orders that were issued for the 8th Street East Reconstruction site. The Stop Work Orders were issued to the contractor as a result of the slope failure on the 8th Street East hill that occurred on May 19, 2015. Both stop work orders were removed without conditions on June 11, 2015 following an on-site inspection by a Ministry of Labour inspector to review the temporary repairs of the slope undertaken by the contractor under the direction of a Professional Engineer.

One of the Stop Work Orders required the contractor to give priority to achieve safe access for homeowners on the south side of the 8th Street East hill while the other Stop Work Order...

owen-sound-city-transit-featThe new transit routes will go into effect on Monday June 15, 2015 and must divert around the construction detours on 8th Street East and 3rd Avenue East until the fall.

The new East Bayshore, Core and Crosstown routes will detour around the construction on the 8th Street East hill until that project is completed in the fall. The East Bayshore route will also detour around the construction on 3rd Avenue East until that project is complete in the fall.

As the East Bayshore route is subject to two detours it will take longer than 30 minutes to complete the round trip to the Transit Terminal at 1020 3rd Avenue East. The Brooke, Crosstown and Core routes will continue to provide half-hour service while we anticipate that the East Bayshore route will be closer to 45 minutes for a round trip. In order to avoid delaying the entire transit system the East Bayshore route will not be synchronized with the remaining routes until the construction projects are complete.

Unfortunately the agreement with SmartCentres to establish two bus stops on their property has been delayed and for the time being the City Transit buses will only be stopping at the bus shelter on 18th Avenue East on the west side of the Home Depot and Walmart plaza.

A map of the new routes, including the 8th Street East and 3rd Avenue East construction detours is available on the City website




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