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parliamentflag-fullDear Prime Minister Trudeau,
I am deeply disappointed in your government's decision to break your promise on electoral reform, and feel betrayed.

If your government had an honest will for change, it would have started with an education campaign and a nuanced public debate.
You chose a tainted consultant survey and then ditched the issue.

Electoral reform is not easy, and not easily understood by the general public. A referendum would not be reasonable without a...

Parliament2Dear Prime Minister,

I am profoundly shocked by your government's decision to renege on your commitment to meaningful electoral reform.

Your father and my father, the late Hon. Eugene Forsey, were friends. And so many of us trusted you. When you came to office we had hope. We thought you would respect Canadians' clear desire for an electoral system based on proportional representation – a desire on which the Special Committee found extensive agreement:

"71.5% of respondents either strongly agreed (59.1%) or agreed (12.4%) with the statement "Canada's electoral system should ensure that the number of seats held by a party in Parliament reflects the proportion of votes it received across the country":[258] (from the Committee's Report, referring to their online consultation. An even higher percentage of submissions supported...

Love-sign-fullTo say that I am disappointed about the latest news of electoral reform being abandoned is an understatement. People's democratic rights and where they choose to put their votes is something to be respected and not taken lightly. Do you realize how many Grey-Bruce voters put a lot on the line in this past election, not being able to vote from their hearts but voting strategically for you, with hopes of getting some different representation for BGOS? People put their trust in you, because it was promised that 2015 would be the last "first past the post" election in Canada. It was a cornerstone of the Liberal platform. I put in a lot of time supporting Kimberley Love's campaign, because I TRUSTED her message. Being lied to...

can flagsI'm just an average citizen. I try my best to be engaged in what's happening in our country but I'm hard pressed with a job, a kid, a home and a personal life to be as engaged as seems necessary. As I read my FB feed, read newspaper articles and listen to the radio it is obvious that there are broad shifts happening around the world in democratic countries. There is a general...




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