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norisleDear Editor

Mr. Edgar suggested in the Sun Times editorial on Dec 28 that the most likely solution for the Norisle dilemma would be sinking it at Little Cove to become a diving visiting site. I strongly disagree.

As a nature lover, I consider Little Cove as one of those most beautiful, tranquil and pristine locations on the whole planet - and I have traveled a lot. Crisp pine smelling air, ocean like deep blue Georgian Bay, magnificent rocks, world class sea kayaking and hiking. Even...

woordfordhallTo the editor,
At the December 12 Meaford council meeting, item 6.2 (a) on the agenda, dealt with the purchase by MOM (Municipality of Meaford) of a vacant lot adjacent to Woodford Hall, apparently for the purpose of creating a paved parking lot. To anyone who has been following the recent happenings at the hall the logic of this intended purchase remains a mystery. There are so many...

books2Dear Editor,
At the September 22 Owen Sound and North Grey Union public Library (OSNGUPL) board meeting, a contract offer was presented to the Municipality of Meaford (MOM) library board. This offer of FULL library membership to ALL of MOMs residents, which include 4022 MOM/Thornbury cardholders, for a period of 2 years at an annual average cost of $125,250. was rejected by the Meaford board. This was and is a bad decision which...

librarycardDear Editor,
The following is a consolidation of comments and suggestions made to Meaford Council members and Meaford Library Board members as input to the dialogue regarding the future of library services in Meaford and Owen Sound, and specifically the library card holders of Sydenham who currently use OSNGUPL.

The first step towards improving relations is to change the mindset. Stop thinking of the Meaford Library and the Owen Sound Library as


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