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mother-with-missing-mothers-featDear Editor

Since Mr. Miller has declared he won't be attending the all-candidates debate, I would like to take this opportunity to ask him a few pointed questions about his government's priorities.

Harper has declared his government as "tough on crime" and the mere hint of a terrorist threat is reacted to swiftly with legislation and money. But a far bigger threat than terrorism exists for our women and girls. Thirty percent of women in Canada will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, most before the age of 25. And if you're aboriginal, those rates climb, and the assaults are more violent and more often. Yet one of the first items of business the Harper government undertook in 2006 was to close 12 of the 16 regional offices for the Status of Women in Canada, and then removed their funding for advocacy work.

And if you're an indigenous women, you don't even make the radar. When pressed for an inquiry into the missing and murdered indigenous women of this country, he stated...

flagparliament-featureDear Editor,
Last evening over one hundred people gathered at the public library for an event on proportional representation. Peace and Justice Grey Bruce and Fair Vote Canada co sponsored this opportunity to speak to all four political parties on this subject. The Green Party, Liberals and NDP were all there to speak and answer questions. The conservative MP sent his regrets, but was in fact in Ottawa , sitting in the House. I am a Canadian, deeply in love with my country , worried sick that it is disintegrating into some kind of unrecognizable distortion of the just society it once was, controlled by profit driven corporations and the wealthy few who hold all the power. Most Canadians I speak to feel helpless and hopeless to reverse this alarming situation because their vote doesn't count, and nothing changes. Here's the great news:

LarryMiller-regDear Editor,
In 1995, the former Liberal Government brought in the misguided long-gun registry. For 16 long years, myself and other law-abiding gun owners from across the country fought to get rid of that useless registry. Finally, in 2012, our Government got rid of it.
However, the Liberals are at it again, continuing their attempt to criminalize law-abiding hunters, farmers, sport-shooters, and gun owners in Canada.
Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette recently introduced a bill that she herself states will: "overhaul the current firearms program by prohibiting all firearms in Canada except hunting firearms". The bill creates new classes of firearms and would prohibit all firearms in Canada that do not fall within the 'hunting firearms' class.

Hide and seek with the voters...McLaren-featureEditor:

Both Mr Miller and his boss, Mr Harper, are playing hide and seek with the voters in the most important election since the free trade debate of 1988. The issues, and the decisions facing voters, couldn't be more stark.

Are we to go down the path of the USA, switching between one grand old party and the next and subject ourselves to 5 more years of Parliamentary gridlock? Are we, at last, going to attend to poverty and the inequality that drives it and do something about it? Are we going to


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