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In promoting fluoridation, public health uses words in a way that confuses the community. Let's examine some of their statements.

Misleading statement No.1: "particularly beneficial to seniors"

Not true. After age eight no more fluoride is incorporated into permanent teeth because they have stopped developing. The rest of our lives we are swallowing fluoride which accumulates in our bodies and can cause chronic toxicities such as brittle bones and bone fractures. Fluoride's main action is topical,acting on teeth surfaces in the mouth. Ingested (swallowed) fluoride is minimally effective in stopping tooth decay.


Since I am not on any social media, I find I cannot comment on your website. Therefore, I provide my comments in this email so they may be published.

Re: Trevor Falk's article published September 3rd, which begins "This is the first in a series of articles about the lack of information about the public business of the township of Chatsworth."


During a break in their schedule during the Owen Sound Early Bird tournament, the Gaviller & Company Major Bantam Junior Attack players, coaches & staff and families toured the Salvation Army food bank.

The team has supported helping the food bank through collecting cash donations at the Attack games over the past several years, and thought they would take the opportunity to see how the inner workings of the program operated. During the tour with Alice Wannan (Salvation Army Community and Family Services Director) it became quite evident how important the program was to the Owen Sound community. It was also shocking to see how empty the shelves were.


Ezra Levant, for anyone that does not know his name, is an employee of Sun Media. His commentaries appear in our local Sun Times and other Sun Media papers quite often. He also has his own show on the Sun News Network TV station called "The Source." He is a self proclaimed, extreme right wing conservative activist. His rants – especially against anything Liberal – are the stuff of legend.

Levant went off on one of his most bizarre tirades recently when he saw a photo of Justin Trudeau kissing a bride. His non-linear rant included calling Pierre Trudeau a "slut" and Margaret "not much better." I won't go on, but it actually got worse. Even for Ezra Levant, it was a new low.


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