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We attended to meet the candidates, many of whom have no municipal experience or knowledge of the limitations of municipal government. Public questions can be useful but, we did not attend to listen to a few people offering up sermons.

While cheap shots at such meetings are unwise, unfair and just plain rude, they also serve no purpose other than calling everyone's attention to the speaker's social skills. How lucky we are in Chatsworth that such public meetings have no metal detectors at the doors or security guards.


The first week of October brings us cooler weather and shorter days – we start to think about turning on the heat to keep the house warm – it also is Fire Prevention week throughout North America. Fire Prevention week dates back to the great Chicago Fire more than 140 years ago. The great fire was allegedly started by a cow knocking over a lamp. Now not many of us have cows at home any longer providing us with fresh dairy products but we are still trying to prevent fires from occurring.


Let's talk about teeth. Tooth decay is one of the most widespread chronic diseases and seen more often to affect children, seniors and individuals with lower income.

Fluoridation of drinking water is an accepted measure to protect public health by preventing tooth decay. Fluoridation is supported by extensive scientific evidence and endorsed by more than 100 health agencies worldwide. Fluoride has been safely added to drinking water for more than half a century. The important advantage of water fluoridation is that it benefits all, regardless of age, income, education, employment, or dental insurance status.

chats-openess-regOpen letter to Chatsworth mayor Bob Pringle;

Dear Mayor Pringle,

Nothing, and I mean nothing, demonstrates the lack of openness and absence of communication in Chatsworth better than your election flyer that arrived in the mail yesterday. For Chatsworth residents who may have missed it, I have posted it here.


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