e-bike-regBy Bob Hope

What's an E-bike anyway, and why would anyone drive one?

I guess I was always on the leading edge in taking up new technology. I had one of the first Apple II computers, played with the internet before there was an internet (anyone remember CRS?), had an mp3 player before anyone knew what that meant. Lots of these decisions caused me grief since it's hard to get something serviced if you are the only one who has the technology. Still, I like to try new things and an E-bike falls into this category since it is a new technology that that is just starting to be available.

cathy-fabricBy Cathy Hird

I read the email and closed my laptop. I figured I had better wait before writing a reply. Always sort out your feelings before answering something that makes you even a little angry.

space-regTerence Dickinson, a renowned astronomer and author of 14 books on astronomy will be in Lion's head, on the Bruce Peninsula, on Monday, August 25. Mr. Dickinson will be available for a photo opportunity at the Quetican Observatory at 48 Moore Street, Lion's Head on Monday, August 25 at 10:30 am.

More than one million copies of Mr. Dickinson's books are in print in five languages, and his best-known book, "Night Watch" A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe is considered the essential guidebook for those who want to learn about stargazing.

cathy-wall-featBy Cathy Hird

I am always careful when talking about current events. I don't want to suggest that I "know" what is right. Sometimes what I can do is offer a perspective to ponder.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Gaza and Israel. A story from this past Sunday resonates with that difficult situation. I'd like to tell you the story, but if you want to look it up, Matthew's version is in chapter 15: 21 - 28. Quotations are from the NRSV.

cathy-burkina-featBy Cathy Hird

In Burkina Faso, French is the common language because of its colonial history, but there are sixty indigenous languages. The culture is deeply West African with expectations and patterns a world away from Grey County. Sometimes the words were clear to those of us with enough French, but the meaning took more time to surface.


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