flashlight-beam-regMildmay – The South Bruce Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is continuing to search for 36 year old Colen Pfeffer of Normanby Township. He was last seen in the early morning hours of September 24, 2014; his vehicle was located south west of Mildmay on September 27, 2014.


6 feet tall, 200 pounds, with a stocky build
Short, light brown hair
Tanned, fair complexion
Has a goatee
Walks with a limp due to recent surgery
Clothing is unknown, but normally dresses in blue jeans and plaid shirts

Head lice are a common problem among children. While they are more of a nuisance than a health concern, they can cause a great deal of stress for families as they grapple with getting them out of their child's hair and home. Head lice, also called pediculosis, are not a sign of poor hygiene; anyone can get head lice. Often this time of year, parents will get a note from school letting them know that it is in the classroom and asking to check their child's head for both the lice and nits (eggs).

OS-Policesept-regOwen Sound Police officer Constable Brian Follis is facing thirty-three additional charges under the Police Services Act, following a secondary investigation into his on-duty conduct.

In November 2013, an internal investigation was commenced following a complaint into the conduct of Constable Follis. At the request of William Sornberger, Chief of the Owen Sound Police Service, the investigation was conducted by an external police service. In June of 2014, that investigation was concluded and Constable Follis was charged with six counts of Discreditable Conduct, five counts of Neglect of Duty, two counts of Deceit and one count each of Insubordination and Breach of Confidence. He was suspended from duty.

opp-car-regularCOLLINGWOOD - Officers from the Collingwood and The Blue Mountains OPP are currently investigating a break and enter to a business in Collingwood and are asking for the public's help in solving this crime.

The break and enter took place sometime overnight from the 22nd of September at 11:00pm to the 23rd of September at 9:00am where culprit(s) forcibly gained entry into the New Orleans Pizza on First Street. The said culprit(s) made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.


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