wiarton willieThe Wiarton Willie Festival will celebrate its 65th anniversary on February 2nd, 2021.

Organizing a Festival of this caliber takes many months, substantial manpower and an abundance of sponsorships. The Town recognizes that with COVID19 restrictions, hosting the Wiarton Willie Festival is simply not possible. It is for this reason that the difficult decision has been made to cancel the 2021 Town hosted Festival events and prediction morning celebrations.

“Announcing the cancellation of the festival events gives us great sadness. The decision to cancel the events was especially difficult as it is a banner year”, says Danielle Edwards, Economic Development Officer.

“As with many organized special events, we have had to “pivot” and think of ways to keep the celebration alive. We have been planning something special to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Festival. We hope you tune into your social media platforms and tune in to your favorite morning TV show on Groundhog Day to see this special prediction” says Mayor Jackson.

source: media release, Town of South Bruce Peninsula


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