girlblackandwhite- by Laura Buckler

Oh hell no!
Not now you don't.
You don't get to sit there, clutching your pearls, being all shocked and horrified at the number of 'me too' statuses on Facebook.
When you were wagging your finger at your daughter's short skirt, concerned that she was 'just asking for it', asking to be...

wheat- by Stewart Wells

In 2014, a longtime advocate for grain trade deregulation and a former researcher for the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association was quoted in the ag press as saying "I don't remember one serious conversation about market power and the dangers it imposed." Apparently that conversation still hasn't happened for the farmers that are lobbying to open Canadian borders to an influx of US-grown wheat.

The American National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) and US Wheat Associates are lobbying...

moreston- by Martin Donald

I wanted to comment about an opinion piece that Jim Cummings had posted at the owensoundhub.org about the irony of having an Orange Lodge at the Pratie Oaten, Irish Festival at Grey Roots.
It is very coincidental that Grey Roots built the Orange Lodge in 2017, when we around the world are trying to deal with monuments, whether they be statues, plaques or schools named after individuals, that are inherently negative. We saw indigenous protests in Halifax centered around a statue of Edward Cornwallis, Protests, riots and murders in Charlottesville, North Carolina all centered around a confederate monument and we saw Grey Roots complete a building, a monument to Protestant Ethno-Nationalism.
That statement might seem extreme unless you know...

Premier-Wynne-announced-in-May-proposed-increase-15-hour-to-minimum-wage- by R. Michael Warren

First before I argue that Premier Wynne's higher minimum wage and other workplace improvements will benefit our economy and democracy let me make a couple of things clear.First, I've had experience meeting payrolls in my own businesses. It's challenging. Second, I'm not a left-leaning economist using this platform for political advocacy. Instead, I am ...

orangelodgeJim Cummings is not the only resident of Grey County concerned about the presence of an active Orange Lodge on the  publicly- owned site of Grey Roots' Moreston Village, but he was the only one to write a letter to the editor of OwenSoundHub.org. We published that letter, along with a response from Grey Roots.

Former Grey County Warden Arlene Wright also wrote a response to Mr. Cummings, which we have published here along with Mr. Cummings' reply to Mrs. Wright.


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