coins-featureBruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says he is concerned that the cost of living in Ontario is getting costlier every day.  He says the increase is  thanks in part to the provincial Liberal government's "nickel-and-dime" hikes to user fees like increased fees for driver and vehicle licences and new user fees on all hunting and angling licenses.
"The taxpayers will not receive any direct benefit in service from these fee increases." says Walker, adding that the 400-plus user fees net the province about $2 billion a year in extra revenues.
Walker says his party most recently demanded...

EvalynParry-featureEvalyn Parry brought the audience in the amphitheatre to their feet on the closing night of Summerfolk 40. Honouring the past by letting it speak to both the present and future, she says, "I believe that part of the definition of a “living tradition” is about challenge and change: to staying awake to how the old songs and stories change in relationship to our culture as it evolves, to challenging ourselves as artists (and audiences) to never be complacent in our thinking, but to keep asking the big questions. Thanks Summerfolk for letting me ask those big questions on your main stage."

Here is a link to her website with the text of her incredible spoken word piece To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage, and her letter to Stephen Harper.


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am all for solving long-lost mysteries and discovering things at the bottom of the ocean.

Since having had the chance to travel in the Arctic myself, for the past few years I have been following with interest – and skepticism – your quest to find the Franklin ships. I saw it as a strategic human-interest story, a sleight-of-hand to distract the public from your larger interests in the region: namely, mapping the ocean floor for resources and military purposes...

albinati-miller-reg– by Jenny Parsons


When I finally get to shake the hand of Chris Albinati, official Federal candidate for the BGOS Greens, I blurt: "You are a charm-bag!" This is not a good description of this excellent, fairly serious man. Having run in the spring Provincial election, you will recall, the charm-bag is moi. He is a lawyer who specializes in Aboriginal Land Law.

He has read all 183 pages of the GPC Federal policy book. He says that in it, there is "much that isn't in the current discussions, much that would resonate with citizens in this riding" and it has a "fully costed vision". It is a book of ideas and, he added, there are "not a lot of ideas on the table from the other parties".

assessment-reg-by David McLaren

The Harper Government's Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) cheques have started to arrive and Pierre Poilievre was front and centre, Tory-labelled golf shirt and all. As you probably know, a chunk of cash (some $3 billion worth) arrived in Canadians' mail boxes regardless of their income. I suppose that's what Conservatives mean by universal—everyone gets a piece of the pie, even those who have enough, thank you.

Our definition of Universal is different. Everyone who needs it has access to it—like health care. Those countries that have come out the other end of the Recession in good shape and managed to deal with poverty are those countries with true universal health care and child care (among other things).

The Conservatives' UCCB is not what successful countries do for their children.

In fact the Conservative's UCCB is barely a benefit. Let's say your annual UCCB cheque is $720. That $720 will be taxed at income tax time. In addition, another child tax benefit you got last year has been replaced by the UCCB. Subtract that and, poof! Your $720 UCCB is really worth only $158.22 a year, or $13.91 a month.

Bet that little calculation didn't come with your Harper Government cheque.


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