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karen2- by Karen Gventer

When asked what I will do for the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, my answer is simple: whatever I can to ensure you and your families enjoy the best possible healthcare, educational and employment opportunities, in a clean, safe environment. I'll do whatever I can

- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor


Premier Kathleen Wynne today acknowledged that she would not be forming a government following Thursday's provincial election. She made it clear that a vote for a local Liberal candidate was not a vote for her as Premier nor


The Owen Sound Hub is posting all the videos of responses to questions posed to six of the eight candidates for the Ontario election at Youth Ask Town Hall.

All questions were posed by ...

davecarrradioby Dave Carr

On Monday, June 4th, what will you still need to know before casting your vote in the June 7th Ontario General Election?

Oh, I know, many of you have ...


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