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May SinghNDP and Green support for the next government could depend on electoral reform

Fair Vote Canada applauds the strong positions taken by the ...

greyhighlandsacm- by John Butler

At an all-candidate meeting sponsored by the Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce and held in Markdale on Thursday evening, the modestly sized (population 10,000) municipality of Grey Highlands educated itself – and in the process, gave the broader world a much-needed lesson in civility.

The meeting of over 200 local residents with their six federal candidates...

aboriginalwarmemorialAs promised during Maxime Bernier's visit to Owen Sound earlier this week, the People's Party of Canada has released its platform on Indigenous issues, as follows:

The Issues   The aboriginal population of Canada is extremely diversified. It accounts for about 5% of Canada’s population and comprises First Nations, Inuit and Metis. There are more than ...

michaeldtDear Editor:

I read David McLaren’s letter on climate policy in your publication with great interest, and some ...




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