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Re Leigh Grigg’s letter Oct. 8, “A Cautionary Tale About Strategic Voting:

Mr. Grigg writes: “… with a minority government looming and a climate crisis in progress, I would argue what better time to a) vote your conscience b) make a statement and c) look youth in the eye & be able to say you did something about climate…”

A minority outcome is always possible, in any federal election. Speculating that this is likely, and voting based on that speculation, is as “strategic” as voting can get, I would argue. There simply is no way of knowing the result of Oct. 21, before it happens.

But I completely agree with Mr. Grigg on what I think is his main point - that we should vote our conscience, and make a statement, so we can look young people in the eye and be able to say we did something about climate.

We will wake up on the morning of Oct. 22 to either a Liberal government, dedicated to facing the climate crisis head-on and reducing our emissions in steady increments, to net zero by 2050, or a Conservative government that will, as its first act, rip up the only serious climate plan this country has ever had.

I am asking progressive voters in Bruce-Grey Owen Sound to vote for me, not out of a strategic calculation, but because they believe I am the strongest local candidate, with the strongest, most progressive program for our community.

If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be a candidate in this election.

Michael Den Tandt 




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