invasive plantsAn upcoming workshop will check out invasive plant species. Learn more about cultural considerations, identification, potential harm, eradication and management.

The workshop will discuss some of the...

Meaford Museum Exhibit at Queens Park 1The Meaford Museum’s new exhibit is a little further from home than usual, but well worth the trip. The Meaford Museum was chosen to be among the 8 cultural institutions to have an exhibit on display at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Grand Hall in...

between our steps 2019 Apr17 doubleIn late March, meteorologists said that spring was not going to get "locked in" for southern Ontario. An odd phrase, but given what we experienced, it was pretty accurate. There would be a lovely warm, sunny day with robins strutting and  ...

plant workshopHello plant lovers! Heartwood Home is hosting a terrarium-making workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn how and create your own terrarium. Amy Petersen, a registered Horticultural Therapist, will instruct the...

Oral Health Month 2019When it comes to dental issues, no pain doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Not all dental problems cause pain so don’t wait for your child to tell you they are in pain before seeing a...

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